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Perma Core QE Thread - Black

Poly-wrapped poly core.

Features & Benefits:
• A high-tenacity low variation poly
wrapped poly core construction
• Allows the use of smaller thread sizes to minimize puckering or needle cutting
• 10 – 15% stronger than cotton wrapped poly core & 30 – 40% stronger than spun polyester threads the same size.
• Superior color fastness and chemical resistance
• Superior sewability on manual and automatic sewing machines
• Greater seam integrity
• Higher resistance to stretching under normal sewing tensions
• Superior loop formation
• Fewer skipped stitches and thread breaks
• Fewer repairs and potential charge-backs & claims
• Reduced seam puckering related to tension puckering
• High performance thread lubricant
• Superior needle heat resistance
• Superior frictional characteristics for a more consistent stitch appearance