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1,2,3 Overstocked Fabric Sale

O V E R S T O C K  S A L E!

October 20 - 23, 2021         705 Interchange Blvd,  Newark, DE 19711         302-533-5215

Backorders are showing up all at once! 
Maybe some bottleneck must have opened up at the LA ports...
Whatever the cause, we are slammed for space!
Fabric orders from months ago are finally arriving along with everything else!

So the only way to get more space is to move it out!!!
It is your lucky day!

15% off 1-yard cut
20% off 2-yard cut
25% off 3 yard-cut or greater!
Wednesday, Oct 19 - Saturday, Oct 23
No other discounts apply.
Discount only on fabric currently on bolts.
*Some exclusions apply ;-)
In store only.

I know you can't resist - See you soon!

Blue Hen Quilt Shop
705 Interchange Blvd, Newark Delaware 19711